[xmonad] xmobar, dual-head, and avoidStruts

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at swclan.homelinux.org
Sun Nov 2 22:56:56 EST 2008

I finally got around to tweaking my xmonad.hs and had to start using
avoidStruts but, it doesn't work with xmobar with a Static
position. Works fine with the other positions: Top, Bottom, etc, but
with Static, xmonad seems to not know it exists.

I like a status bar across the top of both screens. I had been using a
Static xmobar with the width set appropriately. But now, that doesn't
work. :( 

I could split my status bar information across two instances of
xmobar, no big deal, but to get the second instance to display on the
second screen, it seems I have to set its position to Static and then
it gets ignored again. 

So, I'm looking for one of these solutions:

1. a way to get xmonad to recognize a Static position xmobar
2. a way to get a second xmobar instance to show on a different screen
without using Static
or 3. give up and set up some manual gaps (which I guess is still
feasible from looking at Byorgey's config). 

and hints?


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