[xmonad] Re: darcs patch: XMonad.Config.PlainConfig

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Sun May 18 16:49:55 EDT 2008

* Braden Shepherdson <Braden.Shepherdson at gmail.com> [2008-05-18 15:51:31-0400]
> Joachim Breitner wrote:
>> You surely want to make that independent of the users’ login name, do
>> you :-)
> You're right, of course. *cough*
> I had some trouble with using ~, actually, so I hard-coded my username.  
> Probably need to use System.Environment to extract $HOME?
> Unfortunately I'm busy with an assignment today so I can't make these  
> edits. If some helpful soul out there wants to fix it, please do.

Fixed. Didn't test it, but it should work.

Roman I. Cheplyaka (aka Feuerbach @ IRC)

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