[xmonad] darcs patch: XMonad.Core: new layoutMirrored flag

Devin Mullins me at twifkak.com
Sun May 11 15:09:28 EDT 2008

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 02:15:36AM +0200, Lukas Mai wrote:
> > A cleaner way would probably be a new method for the LayoutClass class
> > that allows this query to run, and be modified by mirroring layout
> > transformers. Seems at least more functional to me than some global
> > flag... <snip>
> I don't understand this.
Perhaps another way of looking at it is it hardcodes knowledge of one
particular coordinate system transformer. What if somebody decided to
write XMonad.Layout.Logarithmic (say, to give size preference to one
corner of the screen)? What if I did that just to spite you? :D

There is no perfect answer, of course, because we allow contribs to talk
to X directly, so we can't wrap every call.

Ambivalent as usual,
<my name here>

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