[xmonad] xmonad is one year old today

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Mar 6 23:35:50 EST 2008

Happy first birthday xmonad!

On this day in 2007, Spencer comitted the first prototype code into our
xmonad darcs repository, starting off a year long adventure that has
been xmonad development.

    Tue Mar  6 17:35:27 PST 2007  Spencer Janssen
      * Initial import.

We'd long been frustrated with the limits of dwm and wmii, and were
looking to make a nicer, more extensible window manager. A year later,
we seem to have pretty much accomplished those original goals!

Some other nice commits from the early days.

    Tue Mar  6 22:42:23 PST 2007  Spencer Janssen
      * Plan for statusbar

    Tue Mar  6 22:45:39 PST 2007  Don Stewart
      * focus left and right (mod-j/mod-k)

    Wed Mar  7 03:12:47 PST 2007  Don Stewart
      * Add support for multiple workspaces

Yes, that's right, for a day there xmonad only suppored one workspace :)

    Wed Mar  7 17:04:24 PST 2007  Don Stewart
      * Add Alt-Shift-[1..5], to move the current client to a new workspace

2 days after the first commit, our now extensive QuickCheck testsuite
was in place,

    Thu Mar  8 04:05:21 PST 2007  Don Stewart
      * forgot to add Properties.hs

Leading to 1000s of window manager tests now run on every commit!  And
building a culture of testing and reasoning -- we're perhaps the first
window manager ever to use static analysis, type theory (the zipper
structure!) and theorem proving to improve code quality!

Since there there's been 7 releases, and thousands of commits. A total
of more than 50 developers have contributed code. Thank you all!

Looking back on the year, it feels amazing -- it doesn't feel like 12
months have past. With nearly 300 people on the mailing list here, 100
in the #xmonad irc channel, and binary packages for almost every distro. 

The extension library, which is now 8 times larger than xmonad itself,
came as a big surprise, and turned out to be critical in keeping the
project flexible and robust.

Spencer and I are looking forward to another exciting year, with more
great innovations in the extension suite, and improved flexibility in
the core system. Let's keep tiling window manager innovation fresh and

And thanks to all the developers who've made this possible:

The current and former commiters,

    Spencer Janssen
    Don Stewart
    Devin Mullins
    Jason Creighton
    Andrea Rossato
    David Roundy
    Brent Yorgey
    Eric Mertens
    Braden Shepherdson
    Lukas Mai
    Roman Cheplyaka

And all those who've contributed patches!

    Aaron Denney        Adam Vogt
    Alec Berryman       Alex Tarkovsky
    Alexandre Buisse    Austin Seipp
    Brandon Allbery     Chris Mears
    Christian Thiemann  Clemens Fruhwirth  
    Daniel Neri         Daniel Wagner
    Dave Harrison       David Glasser     
    David Lazar         Devin Mullins
    Dmitry Kurochkin    Dougal Stanton 
    Stefan O'Rear       Ferenc Wagner
    Gwern Branwen       Hans Philipp Annen
    Ivan Tarasov        Jamie Webb
    Jeremy Apthorp      Joachim Breitner   
    Joachim Fasting     Joe Thornber
    Joel Suovaniemi     Juraj Hercek   
    Kai Grossjohann     Karsten Schoelzel
    Klaus Weidner       Valery V. Vorot
    Mats Jansborg       Matsuyama Tomohiro
    Michael Fellinger   Michael Sloan
    Miikka Koskinen     Neil Mitchell
    Nelson Elhage       Nick Burlett      
    Nicolas Pouillard   Peter De Wachter     
    Robert Marlow       Roman Cheplyaka
    Sam Hughes          Shachaf Ben-Kiki   
    Shae Erisson        Simon Peyton Jones

And all the users for helpful feedback, but reports, screenshots, ideas,
discussion and patience!

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