[xmonad] Key bindings with letteral buttons

Mishustin Alexey shumkar at shumkar.ru
Thu Jun 26 07:29:18 EDT 2008

I'm using Xmonad with GNOME on Debian Etch. And I have the following
trouble: Xmonad doesn't work at all key bindings with letteral
(A-Z,a-z) buttons. Key bindings with non-letteral (1-9,Tab,etc) buttons
work normally. I   have learned how to reassign commands to key bindings
in xmonad.hs but it doesn't help because reassigning command to a
non-working key binding doesn't make it working. I succeded in
reassigning commands only to non-letteral key bindings. For example, I
kill now the window in focus by Mod+Tab.

A detail: when pressing an existing in xmonad key binding with a letteral
button while a window with the text input (for example, Gedit) is in
focus, nothing letter is being printed in this window, as if the system
DO KNOW this key binding. Instead, when pressing a non-existing in
xmonad key binding key bindings with a letteral button, the
corresponding letter is being printed.

I tried to find if any other program handles the key bindings with
letteral buttons but didn't find nothing for my Mod (Mod4, Win). There
is no default key bindings with Win in GNOME.

I tried to change all avalaible options in
System->Parametres->Keyboard->Layout preferences->Buttons Alt/Win and
notning changed.

Please help me to understand what could cause the problem.


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