[xmonad] Screen workspaces not working on new Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 install

Chris Sanner hitch at propheteer.org
Wed Jun 25 08:29:42 EDT 2008

this is a known issue...


I've tried getting it fixed by recompiling packages from here to kingdom 
come, but I haven't gotten it working yet.

it's unfortunate, since it was one of the primary reasons I moved to 
xmonad in the first place.

Adr3nal D0S wrote:
> I was using Xmonad quite successfully on Slackware 12 and 12.1.
> However, we were recently forced to switch to 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 at
> work.  Under Slackware I was able to have a separate workspace on my
> left and right monitors. With Hardy I have a single workspace that
> spans both monitors.  I've even gone so far as using the same
> xorg.conf on both and the hand-built Xmonad I was using under
> Slackware, yet the behavior persists.  Comparing the xdpyinfo output
> and the xorg.0.logs the only major difference that I see is Hardy has
> DRI working and a few newer versions of some X modules.
> I am at a loss as to what could cause this.  But it makes Xmonad
> useless to me and I'm dying in Gnome.
> Please help.
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