[xmonad] Re: Scratchpad should match on class not on title

Braden Shepherdson Braden.Shepherdson at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 14:44:36 EDT 2008

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> On 2008 Jun 22, at 8:43, Dominik Bruhn wrote:
>> I tried to change this by using "-name" instead of "-title" as 
>> parameter for the
>> terminal. This also adds a new WM_CLASS to the window named like the 
>> parameter.
>> This Class doesnt change if a application changes the title so xmonad 
>> could
>> match on this. I tried both urxvt and xterm, they both behave the same 
>> way: if
>> you supply "-name scratchpad" on the comandline a new WM_CLASS named
>> "scratchpad" is added to the window.
>> I tried to change it on my own by changing the commandline (this 
>> worked without
>> a problem) and then exchange the "scratchpadQuery" with
>> scratchpadQuery = className =? "scratchpad"
> You are (as is common) being confused by the fact that WM_CLASS is an 
> array, and the *second* element is "className".  The first element 
> (-name) is "resourceName".  (This and the fact that the title is WM_NAME 
> are easily the most confusing parts of working with X11.)

Brandon is right. I actually made this patch on request from a user on 
#xmonad, because he was having this problem. I never pushed the patch 
since I wasn't sure it would work for all terminals, and the -title 
based solution had worked so far.

I've pushed this patch to the repository, a darcs pull should have it 
matching on the resource name.

Braden Shepherdson

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