[xmonad] Scratchpad should match on class not on title

Dominik Bruhn dominik at dbruhn.de
Sun Jun 22 08:43:05 EDT 2008

the scratchpad has a big problem: As soon as some console-applications (like
mutt, mocp) change the title of the terminal xmonad looses the scratchpad and
starts a new one. This is because XMonad tries to find the scratchpad using the
title which is imho not a good idea for reasons mentioned above.

I tried to change this by using "-name" instead of "-title" as parameter for the
terminal. This also adds a new WM_CLASS to the window named like the parameter.
This Class doesnt change if a application changes the title so xmonad could
match on this. I tried both urxvt and xterm, they both behave the same way: if
you supply "-name scratchpad" on the comandline a new WM_CLASS named
"scratchpad" is added to the window.

I tried to change it on my own by changing the commandline (this worked without
a problem) and then exchange the "scratchpadQuery" with 
scratchpadQuery = className =? "scratchpad"

This doesnt work, the managehook doesnt find the window, so something is wrong.
As I got no haskell knowledge debugging is difficult, so perhaps somebody can
help me. I checked the scratchpad-window using xprop and i DOES have the
scratchpad-class, so the Query is somehow wrong.

Who can help me?

Dominik Bruhn
mailto: dominik at dbruhn.de
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