[xmonad] Firefox problems

Xiao-Yong Jin xj2106 at columbia.edu
Wed Jun 18 13:00:35 EDT 2008

Dominik Bruhn <dominik at dbruhn.de> writes:

> Hy,
> I got two problems using firefox and xmonad. I know (because ion3 has the
> same problems) that this is not a xmonad-issue but a firefox. Nevertheless
> perhaps somebody got a solution:
> 1. If you launch firefox in a big frame (perhaps fullscreen) and either move it
> to a smaller frame (change layout from tabbed to tall for example) or resize the
> whole screen (because of resolution-changes when switching from notebook-screen
> to external lcd) the popup-menus (as well as the menus in the status-bar like
> adblock, noscript, firebug) open in the wrong direction, because firefox didnt
> regognize the size-change. This leads into a big problem if you resized your
> screen from a bigger resolution to a smaller one: You cant use the popup-menus
> at all, they open out of the screen. In the oposite direction, when changing the
> resolution from small to big and you try to open a popup-menu it sometimes
> doesnt display at all.

FYI, I just compiled firfox 3.0 with xulrunner backend, and
it can now recognize Xinerama information correctly.  I'm
not sure about changing resolution on single screen,
though.  But I guess that is the same thing and should be
fixed now in 3.0.

> 2. Many Firefox-Windows should float above the firefox window and not get
> repositioned by xmonad (the about-dialog, the downloads, the prefrences).
> I tried to search the firefox bugtracker but as "firefox and resize" leads into
> thousand of javascript-issues i havent found anything until now.

This is indeed annoying, but you can always set a
managerHook.  Though I never bothered to do so.
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