[xmonad] Hello, and firefox

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 15:54:20 EDT 2008

* On Wednesday, June 11 2008, Jesús Guerrero wrote:

>My current approach, right now, is to launch everything from my .xinitrc,
>and then I have manageHook on my xmonad.hs file to W.shift the firefox
>window to workspace 2. The problem is that, this method, effectively
>shifts ALL the firefox windows to that workspace, which means that if I

That is the point of the manageHook: windows go where they belong, no 
matter when you start them.

>click an url on sylpheed on workspace 3, then I have to go to workspace 2
>to be able to see the firefox window containing the page associated to the
>url I just clicked on sylpheed.

So you can either somehow run firefox with a different class (and match to 
that), but I don't know how, without using a function from xlib to do that: 
XSetClassHint(). An it isn't supposed to be used like that.

Or you can scrap the manageHook and let firefox start on the currently 
visible workspace, which is pretty close to what you want anyways?

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