[xmonad] Issue 199 in xmonad: Prompt.AppendFile crashes when file is not writable

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Wed Jul 23 11:20:53 EDT 2008

Issue 199: Prompt.AppendFile crashes when file is not writable

Comment #3 by byorgey:
Hmm, if it is crashing that is indeed a bug.  But I am still unable to 
reproduce it.
  When I try this, nothing happens, xmonad keeps running as normal.  Can 
other people
try reproducing this as well?  I am especially interested to know if 
this happens in
0.7 but not in latest darcs.

Also, you may be interested to know that if you put xmonad in a loop in your
.xsession or .xinitrc, something like this:

  while $HOME/local/bin/xmonad; do sleep 2; done

then it will transparently restart itself in case a crash unexpectedly 
occurs.  Of
course, this is just a bandaid; xmonad should not crash, and fixing it 
when it does
is a high priority for us. But this sort of thing can save you 
inconvenience if it
does occasionally crash.

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