[xmonad] Re: Automatic configuration

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 17:54:35 EDT 2008

 >> Hi,
 >> What about if some next xmonad release comes
 >> with an automatic configurator? It could
 >> work like that:
 >> xmonad-config --default
 >> xmonad-config --gnome
 >> xmonad-config --ubuntu-gnome
 >> xmonad-config --kde
 >> (...)

 > I like the principle but not the execution of this idea. What
 > would the internals of that program look like? It's just a list
 > of pre-made xmonad.hs files, and it spits one out based on the
 > command-line argument.

Sure, that's the idea! That program would select from a list of
pre-made xmonad.hs files, and then do the most difficult thing
when configuring xmonad: place it in the right place. This is
actually the main problem I would like to solve. I needed just a
few attempts to get a working configuration file, but hours to
find where it should be. 'man' files, xmonad web page and my
distribution package use different and contradicting conventions
about that.

The nice thing about a "xmonad-config" is that it could be adapted
to different distributions, without messing with the main source.


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