[xmonad] Windows staying put on their workspace

Александър Л. Димитров aleks_d at gmx.de
Sat Jul 12 11:31:02 EDT 2008

Hi Jevin,

> In general however, I work with "topical" workspaces.  Such as programming
> workspace 1, programming workspace 2, Gmail open in firefox workspace 3,
> Researching using firefox in workspace 4.  Based on that example, I have two
> workspaces that have gvim open and two workspaces that regularly use firefox.
> So it's difficult to isolate a particular application to a single workspace.

Same here :-) My dzen2 currently looks like this:


The workspaces 'web', 'test' and 'doc' typically host Firefox windows. What I do
is the following: go to 'web', which is my primary browsing workspace where
there *always* is at least one Firefox window, and shift the window somewhere
else. This has several drawbacks however:

- it doesn't happen automatically (a prompt similar to the ShellPrompt.hs where
  you can prefix the program with the workspace to launch on would be terrific!
  I've had the idea for a while, but I'm currently very busy. I'll see if I can
  look into implementing it.)
- new windows that happen to open on, say 'test' (for example, I'm testing a
  webapp in FF and it pops up a dialog), go to 'web'. Suboptimal... Most of the
  time, the application will just appear to hang.
- it doesn't solve your original first question, which would be nice if we could
  solve it in a generic manner.

I am not really good at Haskell, nor am I very experienced with XMonad (well,
besides using it since 0.3 :-) ), but I think those are open issues currently,
not addressed by *any* WM I know (not any tiling one at least. Left the
windowing world some year or two ago, but they had the same problem).

I think one can solve at least some of them. I'll let you know if I find out
about something.

BTW: If you like topicalised workspaces, be sure to look into
Actions.DynamicWorkspaces, which lets you create and delete named workspaces
dynamically, like in wmii (but better... it's XMonad!)

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