[xmonad] Issue 198 in xmonad: Mplayer flickers in urxvt & floating layer

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Wed Jul 9 16:41:03 EDT 2008

Issue 198: Mplayer flickers in urxvt & floating layer

Comment #1 by SpencerJanssen:
This is almost certainly an issue with urxvt, mplayer, X11, or your 
graphics card
(X11/graphics card seems most likely to me).  Please reopen this bug if 
you've failed
to reproduce this in a few other window managers.

> Interestingly, I cannot reproduce this starting from gnome terminal, or
when I mod-u the mplayer window out of the float layer and into the regular

The reason for this is that when mplayer is floating urxvt is mapped, 
but when it is
tiled urxvt is unmapped (I assume you're using the full or tabbed 
layouts).  Clearly
urxvt can't update the mplayer status line when it is unmapped.

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