[xmonad] some cleanup

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Thu Jan 31 05:35:38 EST 2008


I'm now trying to clean up a bit after this long and stressful class
ride (I even started dreaming about type classes, such is the
addictive power of this stuff).

Now I'm going to take a break and enter in a maintainer mode: just
debugging and docs.

Spencer: I'm still waiting your decisions about tabbed. Should it
return all windows and thus use the decoration framework, of should it
be e separated layout (the previous one) returning just the focused
window? Please, take a decision, because at the present time tabbed is
plainly broken (my fault since I gave you wrong information... but I
was a bit confused when you asked).

Anyway you can just: 1. push a simple patch to make it use Simplest,
or 2. get a version of the old tabbed and copy it over the new one: it
should be working out of the box (maybe users will have to import it

The reason why it should not return all windows is still a bit
mysterious to me... what you said, I don't remember exactly, seemed to
me more a bug in the X server then a feature. But I came to be a bit
confused on the distinction between the two, lately...;)

Bugs may come to me!


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