[xmonad] Issue 127 in xmonad: PerWorkspace must implement emptyLayout

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Thu Jan 31 05:05:19 EST 2008

Issue 127: PerWorkspace must implement emptyLayout

New issue report by andrea.rossato:
I know that PerWorkspace is buggy on multi head setup, still it seems 
to be
quite a popular extension.

I reverted it to its previous implementation since the LayoutCombinator
class I based it upon in my implementation was inherently bugged due to the
Layout semantics.

At least this should prevent the submission of bug reports related to the
class implementation.

Anyway, since this combinator is implemented with the semantics of a
Layout, I think that there *must* also be an implementation of the newly
introduced emptyLayout method, otherwise this this layout combinator is
going to badly break all the new decoration framework, producing bugs
reports that can be quite difficult to track.

I'd beg Brent to mark this stuff as urgent.


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