[xmonad] Issue 125 in xmonad: Tabbed layout not working anymore

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Wed Jan 30 19:15:26 EST 2008

Issue 125: Tabbed layout not working anymore

Comment #8 by v.dijk.bas:
The following layout gives some problems:

import qualified XMonad.Layout.LayoutHints         as LH
import qualified XMonad.Layout.Circle              as C
import qualified XMonad.Layout.Tabbed              as T
import qualified XMonad.Layout.Decoration          as D
import qualified XMonad.Layout.NoBorders           as NB
import qualified XMonad.Layout.Simplest            as S
myLayout = LH.layoutHints
           ( tiled |||
             Mirror tiled |||
             D.decoration D.shrinkText
                          S.Simplest |||
             -- Old tabbed layout:
             -- NB.noBorders
             --       (T.tabbed D.shrinkText
             --                 D.defaultTheme
             --                      { D.decoHeight = 15 }
             --       ) |||
     -- default tiling algorithm partitions the screen into two panes
     tiled   = Tall nmaster delta ratio

     -- The default number of windows in the master pane
     nmaster = 1

     -- Default proportion of screen occupied by master pane
     ratio   = 1/2

     -- Percent of screen to increment by when resizing panes
     delta   = 3/100

Then open some windows, switch to the decoration layout and hit mod-tab 
a few times
then you get those weird graphical artifacts like invisible tabs and 
grey area's...

Removing 'LH.layoutHints' solves this problem but introduces the 
problem with xemacs.

However the xemacs problem is not so important for me because I hardly 
use xemacs and
I'm sure it can be solved in other ways. I'm more interested in a 
working tabbed layout.

Thanks for your quick replies.

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