[xmonad] Issue 125 in xmonad: Tabbed layout not working anymore

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Wed Jan 30 16:11:04 EST 2008

Issue 125: Tabbed layout not working anymore

Comment #2 by andrea.rossato:
This is due to:
Wed Jan 30 07:46:24 CET 2008  Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at cse.unl.edu>
  * Various decorations related updates
   * remove deprecated TConf stuff
   * Remove 'style' from DeConf
   * Change DeConf to Theme
   * share defaultTheme across all decorations

As I pointed out here:

in the new decoration framework, as I conceived it, layouts are 
supposed to return
the geometry of *all* managed windows, without deciding which ones the 
user wants to
actually see.

Since Full, the new layout the Tabbed layout modifier is applied too, 
just retruns
the focused window only, and since Tabbed is not supposed to decorate 
the first
window, as long as Tabbed will modify Full, you will not see anything 
any decoration
at all.

This is not a bug. It is a feature.


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