[xmonad] Xinerama workspace sorting for dynamicLogWithPP

Juraj Hercek juhe_xmonad at hck.sk
Wed Jan 30 13:04:02 EST 2008

Roman Cheplyaka <roma at ro-che.info> wrote:
>  * Juraj Hercek <juhe_xmonad at hck.sk> [2008-01-30 16:31:26+0100]
> > Hi Brent, list,
> >
> > I think the problem was with the extension I gave to the patch --
> > ".txt". Mailman then attached patch directly to the body of e-mail
> > instead of providing link to the attached patch. This e-mail
> > contains the patch attached as "xinerama_sort.dpatch" (only patch
> > file name changed, content is the same as in
> > xinerama_sort_darcs_patch.txt) .
> >
> > Anyway, what should be the proper extension for darcs patch files
> > (the ones created with "darcs send -o file_name.ext")?
>  Yes, dpatch is the right extension.
>  Problem was caused not by mailman, but by your software, which
>  incorrectly detected file type as 'text/plain' and forced
>  "Content-Disposition: inline". Actually you sent your patch as
>  attachment (and so we received it), but Brent's mail software (or web
>  interface) displayed it inline and Brent was confused with that.
>  So, if you're careful you still can use any extension you like :)

Thanks for info Roman. Right, the problem is in my client software - 
Thunderbird. In order to get "Content-Disposition: attachment;", 
thunderbird's users needs to add this line to prefs.js file:

user_pref("mail.content_disposition_type", 1);

For those which are interested in details, more info can be found here:

-- Juraj

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