[xmonad] xmonad user survey!

ac007 at bluewin.ch ac007 at bluewin.ch
Fri Jan 25 15:53:23 EST 2008

On Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 09:47:34PM -0800, Don Stewart wrote:
> xmonad's reaching a fairly stable place featurewise (and stability-wise too).
> Now is perhaps a good time to ask people what we can do to improve 
> xmonad further. 

I'm a bit late but...

>     * What things annoy you?
Hard to recommend to people with low computer skills and/or interest.

>     * What things do you like?
Erm... everything :] Haskell; keyboard orientation; light & unbloated;
highly extensible/customizable; efficient/simple workflow; licence...
everything ! :]

>     * What things can be done better?
>     * What things are missing?
My number one whish is : 2(or even 3)d workpace grid. Although i'm not
sure i would use the 3rd dimension... i'm certain about the 2nd ;).

>     * What things do you     miss from ion/wmii/dwm/compiz
Left Ion3 for Xmonad a couple of months ago. I don't miss anything from
Ion anymore. Just in the begining, when i wasnt used to Xmonad.

>     * What things do you not miss from ion/wmii/dwm/compiz ... :)
Everything :p

Thanks again for this great WM.


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