[xmonad] darcs patch: Ignore cloned screens (and 3 more)

Spencer Janssen sjanssen at cse.unl.edu
Thu Jan 17 22:31:05 EST 2008

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 12:18:37AM +0100, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> I???m resubmitting these patches, as I did not receive any comments
> on them. If there is a problem with them, please tell me, and I
> can try to fix it.
> Greetings,
> Joachim
> Mon Dec 31 19:06:28 CET 2007  Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
>   * Ignore cloned screens
>   This patch ignores screens that are just clones of existing ones,
>   or are completely contained in another. Currently only for rescreen, not yet for
>   xmonad start.
> Mon Dec 31 19:15:56 CET 2007  Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
>   * Put the screen removing stuff in getCleanedScreenInfo
> Mon Dec 31 19:21:31 CET 2007  Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
>   * use getCleanedScreenInfo in Main.hs as well
>   This might be a bit ugly, but it was the least invasive way to
>   get the list of ScreenIDs into the StackSet.
> Mon Dec 31 19:24:54 CET 2007  Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
>   * Adjust test for the ScreenId passing

Sorry, I lost track of this patch.

I've applied the first two, and skipped the latter two.  I think you went to
too much trouble to preserve ScreenIds.  We don't guarantee that ScreenIds
match Xinerama screen numbers, they're just identifiers to distinguish between
screens in keybindings and the like.

I'm unable to test this at the moment, can you verify that my patches work
correctly? (sooner is better, because we're shooting for a release this

Spencer Janssen

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