[xmonad] Figuring out xmonad and dzen

Spencer Janssen sjanssen at cse.unl.edu
Sat Jan 12 18:19:30 EST 2008

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 03:55:08PM -0500, Jevin Maltais wrote:
> Hi gang!
> I've decided to try and get rid of gnome completely and go straight up xmonad.
> I'm playing with dzen and like how simply piping to it gets stuff
> displayed.  My question now is why do people have multiple instances
> of dzen?  i.e. people have a dzen.sh script piping to an instance in
> dzen started from the .xinitrc but then the same people will have one
> started in the xmonad.hs config using the spawnPipe.
> Za?
> Jevin

The problem is that you've got two input sources: xmonad and your clock/other
status script.  There isn't an easy way to push these two streams to a single
dzen, so many people end up running two instances.

xmobar avoids this issue because it is based on the concept of combining
several asynchronous input sources.

Spencer Janssen

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