[xmonad] darcs patch: Config.hs: rm "Toggle the status bar gap... (and 3 more)

Wagner Ferenc wferi at niif.hu
Tue Jan 8 04:25:38 EST 2008

gwern0 at gmail.com writes:

> a status bar requires a fair bit of configuration already [...] -
> you can happily use a status bar without being able to toggle it
> (right?), so this is for a subset of a subset of users already...

In my opinion it's pretty much so.  I don't remember ever toggling the
gap (intentionally).  Actually, I even added the shift modifier to the
bindig to make it available to Emacs.  I'm on a laptop with no windows
keys, but those keys are almost impossible to reach when touch-typing
on any keyboard, so I let then alone on my desktop setup as well.
Xmonad and Emacs can both use Alt without much problem, becase one can
use Esc as a substitute in Emacs.  Which is good enough for me.

>> The dmenu binding will stay -- users must be able to launch
>> programs out of the box.  Perhaps we can remove the gmrun binding,
>> does anyone actually use it?
> I don't think I've seen anyone use it.

Just to add a data point: I don't use it either.

> As for dmenu: there's no more reason to think dmenu is installed
> than, say, gmrun or XMC's ShellPrompt.

Don't forget that most people are supposed to install Xmonad via their
distributions' package manager, which does take care for such
dependencies, if the respective Xmonad package declares them.  Those
who compile from source can be expected to read the documentation,
which hopefully contains a hint for this.

>>> Mon Jan  7 11:23:57 EST 2008  gwern0 at gmail.com
>>>   * Config.hs: implement my suggestion to make 'n' bind to next window
>> We already have several bindings for this -- it seems counter to your "war on
>> keybindings" to add a third binding to the same action :P
> Well, would you like it better if I removed the second binding
> instead? :) I like Tab personally...

I think the present double binding is good enough: j/k is convenient
and historical, Tab is historical.  Wasting one more binding for the
same function seems... well, a waste.  Even though the corresponding
Emacs function is not too useful by default, so I don't feel too
strongly on this. :)

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