[xmonad] automatically generating template xmonad.hs if it doesn't exist

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Sat Jan 5 06:37:44 EST 2008

Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Freitag, den 04.01.2008, 22:24 +0000 schrieb Thomas Adam:
>> Hello --
>> On 04/01/2008, gwern0 at gmail.com <gwern0 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> # Does it *have* to be mod1Mask? It makes more sense to steal Alt than Ctrl, I'll grant, but stealing the useless Windows is even better since even fewer apps use that; I notice that there are at least 4 or 5 configs on the wiki which change mod1Mask to mod4Mask.
>> I'd argue yes, seeing as the Windows key is not a ubiquitous key on
>> all keyboards.  Leaving it as Alt, whilst potentially annoying for
>> some users, is tough, IMO.  :)
> We could be more bold, without overriding existing key combinations, and
> remap the CapsLock key (which most people don’t use) to a modifier key
> and use that per default. It’s what I’m doing :-)
> PRO:
>  * Does not conflict with other Ctrl or Alt bindings.
>  * Quite a handy spot on the keyboard.
>  * Most people don’t use the CapsLock.
> CON:
>  * Some already remap that key
>    (but they are power users that most likely modify their xmonad config
>     anyways)
>  * Some might actually want to USE THE CAPSLOCK KEY :-)
>  * It might be a bit less intuitive than the Alt key.

FWIW, I disable CapsLock without using it for anything because if I did 
use it for anything, it would be accidental half the time (I've tried 
it.).  The one time this bit me was when somehow CapsLock mode turned on 
by itself, and I had no way to turn it off!

Also CON: it could confuse anyone who even understood the key ever, but
PRO: it could help teach people how to disable the annoying CapsLock.

Do we have to remap only one key? What if we allow Windows _and_ Alt 
keys to trigger our keybindings by default, as if there was no 
difference between the keys, to xmonad?


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