[xmonad] Issue 97 in xmonad: xmonad stops responding to keyboard input after running xscreensaver

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Wed Jan 2 09:29:28 EST 2008

Issue 97: xmonad stops responding to keyboard input after running xscreensaver

Comment #3 by Adr3nalD0S:
I have been seeing something very similar lately.

Xscreensaver is configured to require a password after a minute.  
Before that happens
I can jiggle the mouse and happily return to my desktop, where all is 
well.  But,
once it reaches the point of needing to prompt me, I am in trouble.

I can enter my password and get back to Xmonad, but at this point it 
does not respond
to key presses.  However, as previously reported Ctrl+Alt+Backspace 
will exit X.
There is another way I can get out of this situation.

I have two monitors in a side-by-side configuration and I have an 
application running
on both monitors, I can move the mouse from one to the other and back,
focus-follows-mouse will switch the focus between the windows,  At this 
point, Xmonad
begins responding to keypresses again.  But, if I only have one 
application on a
single monitor, then I cannot get Xmonad to respond.

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