[xmonad] Colored Tabs (was: Re: Newbie: Problems with Layouts and Syntax)

john spencer mailinglists at speedpost.net
Fri Feb 29 16:43:25 EST 2008


> > > >    this significantly. Also -since working on the terminal means
> > > >    looking at the bottom of the screen most of the time- putting the
> > > >    tabs at the bottom instead of the top would also be a great
> > > >    enhancement. What do you think?
> Done.
> Update and rebuild your XMonadContrib, change tabbed to tabbedBottom and
> enjoy :)

Cool, works nice, thanks! :-) What do you think about coloring the tabs 
according to a matching title regexp? So one could give tabs containing 
a terminal a different color than ie. tabs containing emacs frames, etc.

Thanks again!

- john

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