[xmonad] Removing Actions.WmiiAction in favor of Prompt.DirExec

Juraj Hercek juhe_xmonad at hck.sk
Fri Feb 29 14:11:46 EST 2008


I've written Prompt.DirExec which implements basically the same
functionality like Actions.WmiiActions but uses Prompt instead of dmenu
. I plan to purge Actions.WmiiActions from contrib and add Prompt.DirExec.

I consider DirExec better than WmiiActions because it doesn't depend on
dmenu (which needs patch for xinerama to work properly anyways). I like
Prompt better - it's part of contrib and  handles xinerama "automagically".

If anyone objects against removal of Actions.WmiiActions, please let me
know. If there are no objections, I'll send a removal patch soon.


PS: Is there any plan to get rid of dmenu completely?

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