[xmonad] Newbie: Problems with Layouts and Syntax

john spencer mailinglists at speedpost.net
Fri Feb 29 09:21:07 EST 2008


> > I'm currently a user of larswm; I configured it to have one large main
> > (master) area and all the other windows of the current workspace
> > stacked on the right site. With that configuration I am very fast
> > selecting the window I want and making it the 'master'. I never work
> > in one of the windows on the right site (you could also work in
> > fullscreen mode -I hear you say- but for me its much more convenient
> > to know in ONE look how many times I have to hit the 'next window' key
> > than checking it every time I switch fullscreen); this means that
> > these windows are never resized (just once when they are created at
> > the main area).
> So that's not a tiling layout, right? Could you provide a screenshot?

Hm, yes, guess you're right - I think I kind of 'misuse' the tiling for
having a method for fast selection of windows ... :-}
It looks exactly like when using 
  myLayout = HintedTile 1 0.1 0.8 XMonad.Layout.HintedTile.Tall

> > 2. I could use the Tabbed Layout. Unfortunately the tabs currently are
> >    not giving me a really fast glue what is behind them. I have to
> >    read the title of the tabs - thats not very fast. I can image that
> >    some color-coding (ie. using regexps in the config) could improve
> >    this significantly. Also -since working on the terminal means
> >    looking at the bottom of the screen most of the time- putting the
> >    tabs at the bottom instead of the top would also be a great
> >    enhancement. What do you think?
> This is quite simple. I don't know if it's already implemented, if not,
> I'll do it in the evening.

 :-))) Wow, coool, thanks alot! :-)

> I want to execute
> > "windows W.focusDown" followed by a "windows W.swapMaster"; I have no
> > idea how to specify this:
> > 
> > ((modMask .|. shiftMask, xK_Return), ... ??? ... -- windows W.focusDown
> > && windows W.swapMaster
> Use >> to sequence actions. E.g.
>   windows W.focusDown >> windows W.swapMaster

I _knew_ this must be easy ... thanks alot! :-)

- john

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