[xmonad] can one create layouts with fixed height or width for windows

Mark Goldman bitshifter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 12:14:43 EST 2008

>  I think it's not hard to write, but you should elaborate on how such
>  layout should place windows. Currently I don't see convenient solution.
I don't have any concrete ideas of how to place the windows at the
moment.  I was looking to see if others had done something similar
first.  Off-hand, taking the 2-column layout.  If the window is the
widest in the column set the column width to that window's maximum.
If the window is not the widest, set the window to it's maximum width
and just waste the horizontal space.  Spare space would go to the
second column.

Obviously, there is a ton of room for experimentation, which I am
willing to do.  I just haven't been able to find much in the
documentation that would suggest how to do this.

If anyone could give me an example, or a pointer to documentation that
would help, I'd appreciate it.

>  And, by the way, it's better to enforce 80 columns by the means of your
>  editor. E.g. in vim :set tw=80.
As far as editing files, agreed.  However, some programs I use would
make this difficult.  Also, I have some graphical widgets that really
look ugly when stretched.


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