[xmonad] Issue 143 in xmonad: XEvent hook or similar needed

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Sat Feb 23 12:31:35 EST 2008

Issue 143: XEvent hook or similar needed

Comment #1 by andrea.rossato:
After our conversation on IRC, I thought a bit more about this
issue and this is the idea I'd like to play a bit with.

If runLayout is going to be accepted (and I'm quite confident Spencer
may not dislike the idea) - and if we solve issue #111 (and I did some
steps in that direction) -, it would be possible to set up a
layout modifier in a given workspace that would just intercept X
events and handle them accordingly.

This is the idea: we have a layout modifier like this

data HandleEvent a = HandleEvent ToogleReceiver ...

type ToogleReceiver = Bool

this layout modifier would be using the modifyLayout method and, when
called the first time, it would activate itself (or/and it could
broadcast a message to deactivate the receivers on the other
workspaces), and would start handling Events - Main.handle is going to
broadcast them to all layouts, current, visible and hidden.

This may sound ugly at the first sight. But if you think a bit, that
could be a flexible solution: we could have an event handler attached
to each workspace, and it could handle events globally, or on a
workspace basis manner.

Moreover, unlike an EventHook, which would be quite inflexible (the
configuration is in a ReaderT monad), you could send messages to the
HandleEvent modifier itself, to turn it on/off, or just change its

Maybe I'm just wrong, but I think that before pushing for an event hook we
should give this path a try. I would be really glad to give you all the
help I can give to write such a layout modifier.

Let me know.

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