[xmonad] Tabbed.addTabs broken?

Andrea Rossato andrea.rossato at unibz.it
Fri Feb 15 01:56:24 EST 2008

On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 10:10:19AM -0500, David Roundy wrote:
> I can't help but wonder if a tabbed-like interface is best acheived by
> supporting EWMH or something, so gnome-panel or kicker could serve this
> function.  But there's no harm in having redundant means of acheiving the
> same functionality.

I stopped thinking that reimplementing one of gnome-pannel
functionality may be deemed as redundant. At least after the day when
I had to set up a cron job to kill gnome-pannel every night, since it
(or some of its applets) was leaking so much memory that in the
morning my laptop was barely usable...;)

Just kidding, obviously. BTW, that was a feature request, and it was
that feature request that got me started with the new decoration code.
It all started with the idea to make Tabbed a layout modifier (that is
to say, and instance of the LayoutModifier class).

> No, you shouldn't need to do anything with WindowNavigation to implement
> tabbed-like decorations.  I presume you're thinking to have related
> modifiers, one for "true-tabbed" and one for "tabbed-like" decorating? That
> sounds like a good idea to me.

Yes, this is my idea.

> > > It's better *not* to use isDecoration, on the principle that we should be
> > > checking for the actual property that we require (presense in the stack),
> > > not for a different property that happens to be true for the same windows.
> > 
> > This is an interesting point. Probably I should just change
> > isDecoration to use the stack, right?
> Yeah, that sounds reasonable, depending on what you plan to use
> isDecoration for.  If you plan to do anything "special" with decoration
> windows (that you wouldn't want to have affect other xmonad-created
> windows), then you'd still want some way to distinguish.  e.g. if we had a
> modular prompt code, that'd create a window, which might not be considered
> a "decoration".

Actually I don't have any specific plan. I wrote isDecoration when I
fixed (your) LayoutHints - which was applying hints to decorations

I thought a function to discriminate between decoration and managed
windows should be needed. This is the reason why I asked why you
didn't use it. And your answer makes me think we should get rid of it
and write something like:
isInStack :: Stack a -> Window -> Bool


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