[xmonad] screen redraw > 2s -> urxvt -tr in "noBorders Full" window

ac007 at bluewin.ch ac007 at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 8 13:27:35 EST 2008


When switching to/from a "noBorders Full" window containing urxvt with
transparency, it takes almost 2 seconds for the screen to redraw.

The screen redraw is almost instantanous with urxvt plain background
and/or normal (with borders) "Full" window.

Can't remember when i first noticed this... some weeks ago (maybe when i
started using noBorders ? :)

Sorry if this has allready been mentionned.

Bests and long live Xmonad !

* xmonad-0.6 darcs (last pull/compile X11/Xmonad/XMonadContrib 2 days ago)
* rxvt-unicode-8.9
* xorg-server- -- xorg-x11-7.3

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