[xmonad] A call for themes

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Thu Feb 7 15:48:30 EST 2008


since the new Decoration system seems to be getting better, tonight I
added a prompt to dynamically select a theme for the current

While the prompt is not going to set the default theme (if you press
mod+shift+space the default one will be reloaded), still it could be
useful to have different themes on different workspaces, or to test a
new theme before choosing it as the default one.

Together with the prompt I added a new module: XMonad/Util/Themes.hs
where to store user contributed themes to be listed in the prompt.

At the present time I just added the default theme and the theme I'm
using as my default one.

I also added deifl's theme (I found it on the wiki). Since I was not
able to relate the nick to a real name I did not fill all the needed

Creating a theme should be straightforward, but you can use one of the
available ones as a template. In the module there already are the
instructions on how to add a new theme.

At the present time the prompt will display only the theme name (it
should be a single word name). But I hope to use the other information
in the future. So, please add a description and your name/nickname

Any suggestion is welcome. Even more if in the form of a darcs patch!

I keep seeing wonderful screen shots, so please share you theme!



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