[xmonad] [dons@galois.com: Re: More than 5 mouse buttons in Graphics.X11?]

Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs friedel at nomaden.org
Mon Feb 4 16:41:09 EST 2008

Hey! :)

Lukas Mai schrieb:
> I don't know how this stuff works but my xmonad.hs simply uses 8 and 9
> instead of button8 and button9, respectively; it seems to work fine.

Works here, too... specifically:

,((0, 6), (\w -> focus w >> windows W.swapMaster))

Apparently this is because /usr/include/X11/X.h happens to contain the
following (at least on this system):

#define Button1                 1
#define Button2                 2
#define Button3                 3
#define Button4                 4
#define Button5                 5

Makes me feel a bit silly, but I'd never have guessed that it could be
that simple...

Thanks for solving at least the practical problem :)
        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <friedel at nomaden.org>
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