[xmonad] New ideas [was: Trying to code jump-or-execute]

Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs friedel at nomaden.org
Mon Feb 4 13:38:14 EST 2008

Don Stewart schrieb:
> Let's keep the new ideas rolling.
> Anyone else got some dream extension/UI ideas?

I'd like some of the extensions in contrib to be more generic. e.g.
instead of the Tall layout + ThreeColumns + Accordion I'd like to have
a generic parameterized layout that is able to do all three. A
parameter to specify which column is the master would also be nice (I
just hacked ThreeColumns to put the master column into the middle,
which is trivial, but a more generic solution would be better).

The same goes for the Combo layouts. There's just CombineTwo which is
not (really) usable with ThreeColumns, so there could be 'Combine n'.


Another thing I'd like to see is a kind of gmrun/dmenu on steroids. It
should interactively display (a subset of) the current matches and
allow me to start XMonad commands, ssh sessions as well as programs
and also to find currently active windows, all in the same transient
window. However specifying useful semantics for such a monster might
be hard.

Former sawfish users might remember "waffle" which did some of these
tasks. I'm also dimly aware of an application for MacOSX which
implements a similar idea.


I'd also like to have a title just for the master window(s), but it
appears that is already under way.

Kind regards
        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <friedel at nomaden.org>
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