[xmonad] darcs patch: Add windowRemover for make tabbed return just the focu...

David Roundy daveroundy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 20:25:55 EST 2008

Hi Andrea (and others)

I have only partly been following this discussion, but followed enough
to have a pretty clear idea what was going on when I upgraded my
xmonad today.  As expected, tabbed stopped working, so I set out to
fix it, and I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes.  I'd vaguely been
thinking about this, and I've now pushed my changes.  Perhaps this was
a little over-impulsive, but I hoped that by simple presenting a
solution, we'd get over the apparent impasse this discussion has come

Spencer is right that returning all the windows in a tabbed layout
causes trouble, in particular my WindowNavigation setup with tabbed
and combineTwo breaks.  But I really like your approach of separating
the decorator from the actual layout, it's very clean.  I took the
liberty of making Decoration remove the duplicate windows as it adds
the decorations.  This seems to me like the "right" approach (or
perhaps I should say *a* right approach), as it only removes windows
that have precisely the same rectangle, and it's not clear to me that
you ever really want to actually make visible two windows that
entirely overlap.  This is also nice, in that at this stage there's no
trouble telling which are decorations and which are "real" windows.

I also added support for mouse clicking into Decoration, so that
(modulo the need to avoid the broadcastMessage patch that breaks mouse
support for tabbed anyhow) we now have fully functional tabs.

Andrea, these changes you've made are really cool, and I do hope that
you'll stick with it.  It'd be a real shame to have you leave the


P.S. I've probably apologized enough already, but in case it isn't
clear, you can feel free to rewrite or reverse these changes
(preferably without breaking anything, of course).

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