[xmonad] please revert back

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Fri Feb 1 17:09:40 EST 2008


I'm feeling in a quite difficult situation. I have pushed a huge set
of patches with the assumption they were being approved by the main
developers and now, instead of a supportive environment I feel like my
code is being rejected . it seems to work, but its just a big ugly

I'm really far from arguing that this is false. As I said I'm a legal
scholar doing legal, economic and philosophical research. I do not
really have the competence for having a contest with the main
developer, Spencer. Moreover in the silence of some the other
developers and a mixed approach but Brent, each one far more expert
then me on the subject. Which leads me to think that it is me who's
being wrong, and, since I have no (scientific) interest in avoiding
admitting my faults - my reputation here is far from being at stake -
I have no problem to acknowledged I did a mistake by abusing the trust
that has been given to me, by granting me write access to the
contributory repository.

While I can assure you that I did all that with plenty of good faith,
truly (even if only subjectively) thinking to improve xmonad, you may
also understand that I'm now not in a position to joyfully maintain my
code, if I have to argue. Because I'm not in the position of feeling
I'm i the right position.

I hope you understand that there is no harsh in my words, but just the
acknowledgment that a computer scientist has more knowledge than me,
and that for me it would just be wasted pretending that's not true.

So please revert. We are at the very beginning and people are
distracted by the release, so the change would go almost unnoticed. At
a latter time, after deeper code analysis, you may consider to slowly
introduce some of the changes I proposed, if you find them not too

I really really hope you'll appreciate the constructive intent of this
message, and the fact the its intention is supportive of this


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