[xmonad] Issue 133 in xmonad: xmonad-contrib source code "cleanup" - in search of a user code location

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Fri Feb 1 16:00:05 EST 2008

Issue 133: xmonad-contrib source code "cleanup" - in search of a user 
code location

New issue report by andrea.rossato:
I think we should find a better way to separate modules for user
interfaces, and modules for developers APIs. For instance, in the IRC
channel there were complains about the fact the XMonad.Layout.Decoration
did not have user documentation and a user could not figure how to turn
decorations on.

The fact is that Decoration is just an API, and you can find user code in
Tabbed. SimpleDecoration and DwmStyle are combinators, and I do not really
judge the user code, but APIs.

Since it seems we can get to a quite expressive level of layers
composition, I suggest to elaborate a strategy for placing user code in a
single place.

On a longer period of time, I hope that the class system and the related
instances (even Decoration - with (this is necessary :( the needed XUtils
and Font libraries) will be proven safe enough to be included in the core,
that would just export an abstract layer that can provide the full
functionality of a highly programmable WM *without* any sensitive Xlib call.

This hope guided my last hacking efforts.

Issue attributes:
	Status: Accepted
	Owner: andrea.rossato
	Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium

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