[xmonad] ClientMessage events in 0.7?

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Fri Feb 1 01:52:51 EST 2008

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 12:08:24AM -0600, Spencer Janssen wrote:
> The problem is that these EWMH events should be processed by the window manager
> only once, globally -- so we have a problem if two workspaces with the EWMH
> layout modifier are visible at the same time (this will always happen if the
> user defines it as part of their layout hook and there are two or more
> monitors).

As I said in the previous message, with class level composition I can
(I did!) implement an abstract combinator that can just do that: if a
give condition is met, the combinator may handle the message even
*without* running the layout.

I believe that the combinaotr semantics is an unknown object here.
I've been investigating it, since I wrote a class to map it. I know
how much powerful it can be.

But if I'm wrong I'd like you to show me where I get it wrong.


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