[xmonad] Issue 254 in xmonad: XMonad.Contrib.Util.Run.runInTerm does not work with terminal = "gnome-terminal"

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Wed Dec 31 10:13:44 EST 2008

Comment #3 on issue 254 by twpayne: XMonad.Contrib.Util.Run.runInTerm does  
not work with terminal = "gnome-terminal"

'If that is so, then why not use double quotes then?'

Because then it would be fragile with respect to double quotes :-)

The problem here is that a string is being built that is then passed to the  
(/bin/sh -c).  It's quite tricky to get all the quoting right when the user  
input can
contain shell metacharacters.  Rather than building a string it can be  
easier and
safer to to pass arguments as an array to exec, this avoids all the shell  

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