[xmonad] Issue 226 in xmonad: XMonad.Prompt lockups with ghc 6.10

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Sat Dec 6 02:40:24 EST 2008

Comment #10 on issue 226 by SpencerJanssen: XMonad.Prompt lockups with ghc  

Thanks for all the excellent test data.  All tests so far have an error  
similar to:

> xmonad: X11 error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes), request  
code=1, error

Which indicates an invalid parameter (BadMatch) on a XCreateWindow call  
(X11 opcode
1).  Naturally all subsequent X calls operating on that window will fail,  
leading to
a failure to render windows and, in the case of Prompt which gathers input  
from the
window, lock ups.

We have also seen that superficially similar programs have different  
sometimes even varying from machine to machine.

All of these results point to one of two things: incorrect foreign import
declarations for createNewWindow, or correct foreign declarations but  
incorrect code
generation by GHC.

The next step is to come up with a minimal test program and ask for help  
from GHC HQ.

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