[xmonad] xmonad doesn't seem to produce any errors if .xmonad/xmonad.hs has no 'main'

Ian Kilgore iank at iank.org
Mon Dec 1 01:37:22 EST 2008

I can't haskell my way out of a paper bag, but the config file is
obvious enough that I've been able to make the tweaks I wanted without

Installing 0.8 on this box after having not used xmonad for a while, I
was an ignorant user and assumed I could copy XMonad/Config.hs to
.xmonad/xmonad.hs and edit it (last time I used xmonad, configuration
was editing Config.hs in place before building, so this wasn't much of a

No main in the Config.hs, so xmonad-i386-linux was never built, only
xmonad.o.  While this was obviously user error, it seems unhelpful that
the only error message produced at all was the one telling me that
executeFile couldn't run xmonad-i386-linux.  xmonad --recompile produced
no output, and while it created xmonad.errors, the file was empty.

It'd be swell if xmonad reported errors when it fails to produce an
executable; hardly a bug, but it couldn't hurt..
Ian Kilgore
print/42;       # n/,"Just another Perl hacker,\n"
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