[xmonad] XDG_CONFIG_HOME (reprise)

Devin Mullins me at twifkak.com
Sun Aug 31 15:06:04 EDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 10:00:48AM -0400, Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> I answered the question with another question:  if the history file  
> isn't properly locked, it must be non-shared which means at minimum a  
> separate one per host.
I'm not sure I follow. I was asking if:
  xmonad --configdir ~/.xmonad-`hostname` # or similar
would meet your needs, and if it would do so in a manner
not-too-distastefully to you.

> And if we're picking and choosing which standards we consider to be
> "true" standards, we risk getting locked out of distributions that
> disagree with us.  (I would not be greatly surprised if Debian were to
> decide to demand it where it is relevant.)
Um, everybody picks and chooses what standards they use. Nobody writes
pages in HTML 5 or CSS 3, because no browser supports it [1]. YAML folks
and XML folks avoid each other's standards when possible. There are
various documented standards that are only followed within Gnome.  Ditto
KDE.  HD-DVD lost, Blu-ray won. Only one project has implemented RFC

I'd suggest we worry about getting banned from distros when that
happens, or when somebody very close to a distro knows it to be quite
likely to happen.

[1] For some value of "nobody" close to zero.

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