[xmonad] Minimise windows?

Devin Mullins me at twifkak.com
Sat Aug 16 02:43:55 EDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 08:08:57PM +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:
> Another response mentions the TwoPane layout which I will use for the
> time being, but I still think that minimising is a feature that does fit
> with a tiling window manager.
What UI do you imagine for this? When windows get minimized, do they get
visualized in some xmonad-drawn way? In the dzen? Can multiple windows
be minimized, and if so, how does one select which to restore?

(To answer your question: no, I haven't run into that. I have run into
the desire to "split" a window frame into multiple tabs.)

> Another thought might be to add a flexible layout-chooser in addition to
> the ring-like one that xmonad has ATM.
That would be a good idea, yes. Somewhat related are MultiToggle and

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