[xmonad] remember layout(s)?

Jesús Guerrero i92guboj at terra.es
Fri Aug 15 08:27:52 EDT 2008

On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 14:11:32 +0200
johannes at albapasser.de wrote:

> This must be a FAQ, but anyway ...
> As much as I like the tiling and mouseless behaviour of xmonad,
> the main obstacle in using it is that it does not seem to
> remember the layout of the applications when I log out (from KDE)
> and then log in again. There must be a way to achieve this?
> I know I can write preferred locations for apps in config files,
> but that's not what I want to do: it should remember exactly
> the previous layout. (Or at least which app was on which screen.)

You need a session manager for that. In kde there's an option in kcontrol
to enable ksmserver to do that, somewhere. In gnome, the session manager is
gnome-session I think, and both should be able to do that if you use
xmonad under any of those environments (gnome-session should work standalone
as well, ksmserver is too tied to dcop and other stuff and I never managed
to get it working standlone with fvwm, which is what I used before).

I never tried those in xmonad, but they *should* work.

On xmonad I always use the same thing under the same virtual desktop/screen.
So I have really no reason to have a session manager, I just launch the things
on my xinitrc and let xmonad distribute them amongst the virtual desktops.

Jesús Guerrero <i92guboj at terra.es>
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