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Tony Morris tmorris at tmorris.net
Wed Aug 13 05:52:51 EDT 2008

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Roman Cheplyaka wrote:
| * Tony Morris <tmorris at tmorris.net> [2008-08-13 15:24:19+1000]
|> Hello, being a noob trying to get started with xmonad (my first WM
|> besides GNOME + some very brief experimentation), I have run into the
|> fact that I no longer have my applications (such as xchat, skype and a
|> clock) docked in a tray. I googled around and it seems there was once a
|> document that talked specifically about gnome-panel, but this doesn't
|> seem to be the case anymore at
|> http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Xmonad/Using_xmonad_in_Gnome
|> Is there a document explaining how us GNOME-converts can get all the
|> good bits we once once had as well as the good bits of xmonad?
| I'm not GNOME user or expert, just trying to clarify: you launched
| gnome-panel and it doesn't pick tray icons, right?
Hi Roman,
Yes I did run gnome-panel and it was blank in one of the tiles, but I 
thought I was not doing it as per expected, since:
1) Surely they don't manually resize the gnome-panel to a more suitable 
2) Adding an object to the panel does not display anyway (wtf?)
3) If I killed gnome-panel, I expect it wouldn't maintain its state (and 
I bet users don't recreate this state each time)

So I figured I was probably "doing it wrong".

I have recently been pointed to ManageDocks, so I expect this is what 
everyone else is doing :) I'll check it out.

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