[xmonad] Issue 185 in xmonad: XMonad.Config.Gnome

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Wed Apr 30 05:11:06 EDT 2008

Issue 185: XMonad.Config.Gnome

Comment #3 by YitzGale:
> setting terminal to gnome-terminal or konsole

That works magically for me, without setting anything,
on my Debian KDE system. I don't know why.

> rebinding mod-p (dmenu by default) to a desktop
> application launcher.  Is it possible to spawn these
> "Run Command" dialogs seen in each desktop via the shell?

On KDE, that will be "dcop kdesktop default popupExecuteCommand"

> the Gnome howto suggests rebinding mod-shift-q to a
> Gnome specific session shutdown, we ought to investigate that.
> Does KDE need something similar?

Yes. The command "dcop ksmserver default logout 0 -1 -1"
rudely ends the KDE session without confirmation, most
similarly to the default mod-shift-q behavior. But a more
KDE-friendly binding would be to run
"dcop kdesktop default logout", which pops up the usual
KDE dialog to choose between logout user, reboot,
system shutdown, or cancel.

> Any other things we should modify for any of the
> desktop environments?

There recently has been talk about being able to
configure the KDE Pager to work with xmonad -
to switch desktops, and to focus a window. But
I don't know how to do that.

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