[xmonad] Issue 180 in xmonad: In focus-follows-mouse mode, the wrong window gets focused

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Tue Apr 15 09:22:24 EDT 2008

Issue 180: In focus-follows-mouse mode, the wrong window gets focused

Comment #1 by Klaus.Weidner:
This patch adds a flag argument to the "windows" function which is true 
when called
from "focus". This correctly handles window reshuffling (for example added/deleted
windows due to program actions) without needing to keep track of the 
mouse focus state.

To avoid adding a "False" extra argument to all other occurences 
of "windows" (which
are a lot), I've used a wrapper function to abstract that out and 
provide a "windows"
function which works like the original one.

For the xmonad core, it wouldn't be necessary to keep the state flag, 
but it's still
needed for UpdatePointer which otherwise gets confused and starts 
focusing the wrong
windows when the pointer is rapidly moved across many windows.

Instead of the single-purpose "mouseFocused" flag, should xmonad store 
the last event
it handled in its global state so that extensions can peek at it?

	xmonad-core-mouse-focused.dpatch  3.4 KB

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