[xmonad] Issue 179 in xmonad: Tabbed Layout does not scale for >50 windows

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Mon Apr 14 14:20:57 EDT 2008

Issue 179: Tabbed Layout does not scale for >50 windows

New issue report by clem... at endorphin.org:
Using Tabbed with a lot of windows makes it quite slow. There seems to be
non-linear work that really kills xmonad after exceeding 60 windows in a
single Tabbed Layout.

I tried with xmonad-contrib-darcs (checkout yesterday)

Here is my quite useless profiling http://clemens.endorphin.org/xmonad.prof
-- I started with a Tabbed session and starting opening xterms until the
whole thing got real slow. It's quite likely to be related to the excess
memory chewing (8gb after 37seconds).

If anyone has hints how profile xmonad-contrib better please let me 
know (I
got -auto-all on X11 and XMC thanks to dons' recent patch). xmonad 0.5 has
scaled a bit better, so I guess this complexity is due to some "recent"
change. 0.6 is also ok, but still it seemed a bit slower (sorry for the
vague terms, but without profiling it's hard to tell). With 0.7 there is
definitely a problem

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