[xmonad] Problems with magic Focus

Nathan Huesken xmonad at lonely-star.org
Fri Apr 11 11:50:59 EDT 2008


I am trying to make the magic focus extension work. This is from my xmonaf.hs:

myLayout = magicFocus tiled ||| layoutHints mtiled ||| Full
     mtiled = Mirror tiled
     -- default tiling algorithm partitions the screen into two panes
     tiled   = Tall nmaster delta ratio
     -- The default number of windows in the master pane
     nmaster = 1
     -- Default proportion of screen occupied by master pane
     ratio   = 1/2
     -- Percent of screen to increment by when resizing panes
     delta   = 3/100

This gives me the following error on startup:
xmonad.hs:205:11: Not in scope: `magicFocus'

I am using xmonad 0.6 on gentoo.

Any advice?


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